The Wild West of Yester-Year


Current and Past Columns

In each issue, Rachel features a famous figure from the old west.

Crazy Horse (July 2024)

Yellowstone National Park (June 2024)

Josephine Marcus Earp (May 2024)

Enrique Esparza (April 2024)

Mary Donoho (March 2024)

The Buffalo Soldiers (Feb 2024)

Wild Bill Hickok (Jan 2024)

Orchestrions (Dec 2023)

Virginia Reed (Nov 2023)

Yellow Wolf (Oct 2023)

Newspapers in the Old West (Sept 2023)

Polly Bemis (Aug 2023)

Frank H. Mayer (July 2023)

The Santa Fe Trail (June 2023)

Joaquin Murrieta (May 2023)

Esther Morris (April 2023)

The Gold Rush (March 2023)

Clara Brown, Angel of the Rockies (Feb 2023)

Buffalo Bill Cody (Jan 2023)

Harmonicas of the Old West (Dec 2022)

Marshall Bass Reeves (Nov 2022)

Mary Jane Megouier (Oct 2022)

One Room Schools (Sept 2022)

Polly Pry (Aug 2022)

Luther Standing Bear (July 2022)

Ice Cream in the Old West (June 2022)

Jedediah Smith (May 2022)

Tye Leung Schulze (April 2022)

Mail-Order Matchmaking (March 2022)

Benjamin "Pap" Singleton (Feb 2022)

Belle Starr (Jan 2022)

Christmas in the Old West (Dec 2021)

Bat Masterson (Nov 2021)

Sara Winnemucca (Oct 2021)

Bath Houses (Sept 2021)

Willa Cather (Aug 2021)

Tiburcio Vazquez (July 2021)

Barn Dances (June 2021)

Charles M. Russell (May 2021)

Fee Lee and Hal Shek Wong (April 2021)

Conestoga Wagon (March 2021)

Stagecoach Mary (April 2021)

Ralph Moody (Jan 2021)

Frontier Toys (Dec 2020)

Susan la Flesche Picotte (Nov 2020)

Zane Grey (Oct 2020)

The Homestead Act of 1862 (Sept 2020)

Margaret "Molly" Brown (Aug 2020)

Jim Beckwourth (July 2020)

Comanche, the Most Famous Calvary Horse (June 2020)

Dona Maria Barcelo (May 2020)

Sam Maverick (April 2020)

Quanah Parker (March 2020)

Nicodemus, Kansas (Feb 2020)

Calamity Jane (Jan 2020)

Coffee (Dec 2019)

Ellen "Nellie" Cashman (Nov 2019)

Santa Anna (Oct 2019)

The Frontier Woman's Ally (Sept 2019)

They Tamed the Land: Immigrant Pioneers (Aug 2019)

Independence Day in the Old West (July 2019)

Nat Love (June 2019)

Owen Wister (May 2019)

Louise Siuwheem (April 2019)

The Way We Wash Our Clothes (March 2019)

The Great Divide: Europeans Exploring America (April 2019)

Annie Oakley (Jan 2019)

Frontier Candy (Dec 2018)

Wyatt Earp (Nov 2018)

Bridget "Biddy" Mason (Oct 2018)

Frederic Remington (Sept 2018)

Dance Hall Girls (Aug 2018)

The Three Guardsmen (July 2018)

Barbed Wire (June 2018)

Helen Hunt Jackson (May 2018)

General Lewis Wallace (April 2018)

Soda Pop in the Old West (March 2018)

Elinore Pruitt Stewart (Feb 2018)

Frank and Jesse James (Jan 2018)


About Rachel:


Rachel Kovaciny retells fairy tales in Old West settings. Do you enjoy stories about pioneers, ranchers, cowboys, and gunmen? Do you get a kick out of seeing how familiar stories can play out in new settings? Are you searching for clean books with sound Christian theology? These books are for you. 

You can learn more about her as an author, blogger, and columnist on Her Website, where you can join her mailing list.